Open Water Swimming Courses

Compton Verney, Warwickshire

Are you a triathlete, open water swimmer, or someone just looking to improve your open water skills? If so, why not book onto one of our short courses!

Swim for FREE with Do3!

We want to remove as many barriers as possible from anyone thinking of coming to our pool sessions. For this reason we have made the first session FREE!

They are not 'elite' or 'only for the pros', they are for everyone! Provided you can swim a couple of lengths of front crawl, you'll be fine! All lanes are seeded so you'll be with others of a similar ability.

Now is a great time to start to improve your stroke as there will be lots of newbies just like you! Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Course Options

Get into Front Crawl

This is aimed at those very new on their front crawl journey. Maybe you are a breast-stroker looking to 'convert' to front crawl or someone who just doesn't know where to start to improve. For those who can swim between 0-4 lengths without stopping.

We will go through the fundamentals of what makes up a front crawl stroke and take you through each stage so you understand not only what to do, but WHY it important.

Improve your front crawl

This is for those who can swim front crawl fairly well (4+ lengths without stopping) but would like to tune up and improve.

We will break down and look at the key elements of a front crawl stroke so you are left clear what your strengths and weaknesses are (and how to address them).

Lanes will be grouped according to ability.

Introduction to Open Water

This is aimed at those very new to open water swimming or someone looking to get into the open water for the first time. It's great for anyone nervous or anxious about swimming in a lake and will cover the basics like safety, getting in safely, acclimatising, relaxed breathing and more.

Watch the video below for an overview and feedback from some recent attendees.

Open Water Skills

This is for those who are fairly confident swimming in the open water, and would like to work on more advanced skills. During this short course you will be shown how to draft effectively, sight (so you can swim straight), turn (great for racing) and other skills.

The course is designed for freestyle swimmers and not recommended for those new to open water.

Course Information

  • Each short course is around 60 minutes in duration

  • Land based introductions and opening theory

  • Practical in-water element is usually 30-40mins

  • Led by our hugely experienced professional swim coaches

  • Small groups to allow closer coach attention

  • Fully insured

  • Covered by lifeguards and safety kayaks


  • £125 per person

Session venue

  • Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre

  • Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

  • CV32 4EW


  • £25 per person

Session venue

  • Compton Verney Museum and Art Gallery

  • Compton Verney

  • CV35 9HZ

Who can join?

As long as you can swim a length of front crawl you will be just fine, we will look after you from there! (if you are not sure then contact us). You can choose to join one or more of the squads, either way you will have a balanced training cycle. Swimmers will be grouped into lanes of similar ability from novices and improvers, right up to stronger, more advanced level swimmers. 

Squad or Club?

This is not a club and is not designed to replaceany existing local clubs or club sessions. Our swim squads are for those who wish to improve or supplement their existing level of training. Having said that, being a member of a limited-numbers squad will make you feel part of a team and with that will come motivation andcamaraderie. The main difference between our squads and local club sessions is that they are front crawl focussed purely for triathletes and open water swimmers. They are strictly limited in size to maintain the coach to athlete ratio and are run using the World renowned Swim Smooth methodology.

Interested in signing up or want to find out more?

By far the easiest way to register, book and pay for squad sessions (and other services) is by using the Do3 App! Once you have the app on your phone or tablet, simply navigate to 'Swim Squads'. 

No Smart Phone? No problem, simply book in via the form at the bottom of this page


        On Facebook? Why not join the chat in the Do3 Squad Facebook group?!

Client reviews

  • “I had a BIKE FIT after getting a new bike. The position needed altering. Robyn did a great job adjusting the seat, tri bars and cleats to make me more areo and comfortable. Robyn knows his stuff, is friendly and will answer any questions. Highly recommended.”
    ANITA H. –


  • “What a great way to start another heatwave day...a magical swim at Compton Verney. Wish I had tried this sooner. Thank you for creating this opportunity!”
    Jane E. -


  • “My first time and everyone was so friendly and helpful. It was very well organised and helpful and informative emails prior to the session. I will definitely be back!”
    Lauren T. –


  • “Me and my friend Kerry did our first open swim today . We couldn’t of asked for a better day! Everyone was so friendly and reassuring the set up is brilliant . We will definitely be swimming again, think we are hooked!! Thank you to the great team that run this event .”
    Jo A. –


  • “It was not that easy downloading and booking via the App but I had plenty of helpful support with this. I chose a great day weatherwise to try out this new challenge, and the organisation and friendly enthusiasm at the venue was fantastic. Can't wait to do this all over again.”
    Rachel M. –


  • “Thank you to all the volunteers & Dave for making my evening swim totally amazing. The cakes were fabulous as always. Just love my lake swims at Compton Verney. Thanks to all.”
    Jane P. –


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