1-2-1 Coaching

There are two options...


1-2-1 Coaching

£150 per month

plus £150 one-off set up fee

6 month minimum term


1-2-1 Coaching


£300 per month

plus £200 one-off set up fee

6 month minimum term

Coaching Levels We offer training plans and 1-2-1 Coaching. The training plans are a cheaper, more simple option which have access to coaches via a dedicated Facebook page and WhatsApp group. This may be good for first timers or those with a limited budget. The 1-2-1 Coaching options are very different in that you have much more coach contact and have regular 1-2-1 meetings to discuss and review your training. If you are looking for training plans (we call them Do3 Commit), then click hereIf you are unsure just get in touch!

INSCYD testing and analysis included
Yes. 8 Tests per year included
Athlete support group
Facebook and/or WhatsApp
Facebook and/or WhatsApp
Call with coach
Programme setting frequency
4 weekly
Varies depending on circumstances
Adjustments to training based on feedback
Daily if required
Review of training sessions
Weekly during coach's meeting
Full analysis given prior to meeting
Heart rate/power used for session structure
Daily email alerts detailing training sessions
Method of training plan delivery
Training Peaks Premium
Training Peaks Premium
Advanced race strategy planning
Training programme
Semi personalised
Fully personalised

How it works

We offer two levels of online coaching, Perform and Perform+INSCYD. You can choose which level you think is appropriate for you, your budget and your training needs and goals (we can of course discuss this with you if you are unsure). Once this has been decided upon we will then go through an information gathering stage in order that we can build up a picture about you and what you want to achieve. We consider things like:

  • GoalsThis could range from simply wanting to complete a race right through to wanting qualify for the Ironman World Championships.

  • Training Availability - How much time you can dedicate to training and what commitments you have coming up (we will work out your plan so that it fits your needs).

  • Strengths and WeaknessesThis will help us identify areas we may need to work harder on.

  • Training Facilities and Equipment AvailableDo you have ready access to a pool and do you have things like heart rate monitors and power meters (we can help you with these if not).

Once we have gathered the information we need, we will then put your personal training plan together.


Training Software

TrainingPeaks Coaching Platform

At Do3 Coaching we use the TrainingPeaks coaching platform to help us deliver our training plans.  TrainingPeaks provides a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training whether you are at home, at work or traveling - you will always have access to your plan. The TrainingPeaks platform allows cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning of your training programme to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. It is used by Tour de France teams, Ironman World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyse and plan their training. 


TrainingPeaks Premium allows much deeper analysis of your training. 


TrainingPeaks Sample Page showing daily workouts and totals. Workouts change colour depending on whether they are fully or partially competed. We want GREEN!

Both of our 1-2-1 coaching levels now include a Premium TrainingPeaks account allowing you access to much more detail about your workouts. Our Do3 Commit programmes come with TrainingPeaks basic edition. While this is sufficient for most people you can choose to upgrade should you wish. 

We will programme your personal data into TrainingPeaks and include things like heart rate and power zones. This allows much more detailed analysis of your workouts so if needed adjustments can be made as your training progresses.

With TrainingPeaks Premium we can analyse your training in fine detail. This includes monitoring your fatigue levels, training workload and overall changes in fitness. These things allow us to balance the training load in order to maximise your training time and reduce the likelihood of overtraining and excess fatigue.


Our Performance+ INSCYD coaching takes things to another level. If you really want to maximise your training time then this is the option to go for. INSCYD allows us to take a deeper look at your physiology. Rather than training using the standard percentage based formulas to work out training zones, INSCYD allows us to set much more individualised training based on you and your specific strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but we will test and monitor vital metrics such as VO2 Max, VLaMax, Anaerobic threshold and much more. These allow us to closely guide training to ensure we get the results we need.

Want to find out more? Click here to take a look at our dedicated INSCYD page:


Coach Feedback - We Care.

Our view is that the better the relationship between coach and athlete, the more value the athlete will get out of their training. This means that online coaching works best when there is regular communication between us. For our 1-2-1 coaching packages, regular communication methods usually include a phone or WhatsApp call. We also communicate via all the usual channels such as Facebook, text and email - whatever suits you best. 

Our 1-2-1 coaching packages include coach analysis. This means that on an ongoing basis we will review your completed training sessions within TrainingPeaks, make notes and feedback comments for you to see and for us to talk about during our scheduled calls. You will be given access to your own personal feedback webpage where you can review the coaching notes at any time.

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