Do3 Commit is a progressive training plan that will guide you through the off season and onto next year’s races.  It is ideal for athletes who are looking to get a bit more organisation and structure into the way they train.  Commit is for athletes who want to have a regular input from a coach but without the cost of being 1-2-1.  For a monthly fee athletes will be given a training plan to follow and a multitude of other benefits including a weekly online drop-in session with coaches and discounts.

There are four Do3 Commit Options

Do3 Commit £30 per month 

Do3 Commit is a squad training plan. This means it is fixed in place, starting in November, and is the plan that local squad athletes (who are not coached 1-2-1) follow. The plan is progressive and follows the Do3 methodology that has seen so much success across the years (see Do3 in the news and Do3 Results).

Do3 CommitEDGE £30 per month 

Do3 CommitEDGE is very similar to standard Do3 Commit but is specifically timed to prepare you to race at the Do3 'On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon in August. Click here for race details.

Do3 CommitFLEX £50 per month

CommitFLEX offers similar benefits to the standard Commit but as the name suggests, is flexible and can start at any time.  FLEX is designed for athletes who have specific races in mind that they want to target.  This may be for example, a long-distance race later in the season.  We will work with FLEX athletes to make sure their plan is applied to ensure they get to race-day in tip-top form.

Do3 CommitSWIM £10 per month

As the name suggests this is a swim only plan which is delivered using the Training Peaks coaching system. Athletes subscribing to CommitSWIM will be able to follow the same weekly session schedule that the Coaches present at the actual Do3 swim squad sessions. CommitSWIM can start at any time.  Click here to find out more about Do3 Swim Squad sessions as this will give a good overview of how the swim sessions work. 

Commit Benefits

  • Focussed, structured training rather than ‘make it up as you go along

  • Training plan delivered by Training Peaks app

  • Train with other Do3 Commit athletes - shared experiences 

  • Train using the Do3 training approach  - it works!

  • Do3 Commit dedicated Facebook group

  • Theory workshops - know how and why… 

  • Coaches online drop-in session (weekly) 

How will it work?

At Do3 we train using a ‘reverse periodisation’ methodology which means we do NOT spend the whole winter doing a load of low intensity volume work.  We believe this is the wrong approach and that speed and power work should be introduced right from the very start.  As the plan progresses the speed and power work is underpinned with growing volumes of aerobic work so that you arrive at the start of the season with good aerobic fitness AND the speed to go with it.

One of the advantages of this training approach is that virtually all athletes follow a similar plan through the winter regardless of whether you are training for sprints, standards or longer.  Do3 athletes who train this way can usually be competitive at the varying distances and are not ‘one trick ponies'.  Longer distance athletes will add extra aerobic volume to their training as they get closer to their main races (which we can advise on an individual basis during coach drop-in sessions) but apart from this all athletes do similar work. 

In general terms athletes will be taken through the following phases*:

  • 4 Weeks - Lead-in. This phase includes opening benchmark tests which are done here to allow progress to be measured/monitored and training zones set

  • 8 Weeks - Speed and Power

  • 8 Weeks - Speed Endurance

  • 8 Weeks - Aerobic Endurance

  • 16 Weeks - Competition Phase

*This may vary for CommitFLEX athletes

Training weeks will be loaded on Training Peaks in blocks of around 4 weeks at a time.  This is to allow us the flexibility to adjust the programme ‘live’.  We will not be simply loading up the whole season plan and expecting you to just get on with it!

Training Software


Do3 Commit will be delivered via the Training Peaks (TPs) platform. You will need to create a free TP account and connect it to the Do3 coach's account. We will then load up the programme from there. This will also allow us to see your data so we can review it during coach drop-ins etc.

Training Peaks is a great platform from where you can review all of your workouts past and future.  It has a smart phone version so you can check and review your training from anywhere.  Workouts can be automatically uploaded from most training devices (Garmins etc) so there is little/no extra work needed on your part.  It can of course, also be manually input for those without the appropriate tech. 

The Do3 Commit Programme

As mentioned above, the programme is progressive and will guide you through training phases as time progresses.  Once you have your Training Peaks account set-up and connected to the Do3 coaching account we will apply the first weeks of the Do3 Commit Programme.   Your Training Peaks account will look something like this…….

In this calendar view you can see a summary of the weeks workouts.  Workouts are colour coded with grey meaning the session is not yet due, green meaning it was fully completed, red meaning it was missed (or was too long or short!) and yellow/orange meaning it was completed but a little longer or shorter than planned. 

Click on each individual workout and you will see the detail of the session.  The instructions should be clear and easy to follow.  Some sessions will advise you to train at specific effort levels or within specific heart rate/power zones (if you have a heart rate monitor or power meter).  These zones will be automatically setup and calculated within TPs so there should be no doubt about what you need to do. 


New for this season we have now added programmed training sessions within Training Peaks. This means that Training Peaks will communicate with equipment and software such as Garmin and Zwift and transfer the workout so they can take you through it - no need to write things down or try to remember it!

Works with.........


The programme itself obviously contains weekly swim, bike and run sessions.  The swim sessions will follow the Do3 Swim Squad programme so you will be completing the same swim sessions as the swim squad whether you decide to come along or not.  Training hours will build as time progresses.  They roughly start at around 8-9 hours per week and build to 15-16 hours per week.  Some athletes may choose to reduce or increase these hours due to personal circumstances and we can advise on the best way to do this so that you still get the most out of the plan.


Coach Assistance

The idea of Do3 Commit is provide athletes with the ‘next best thing’ to specific 1-2-1 coaching but at a fraction of the cost!  If you need advice whilst following the Commit plan you can turn to:

  • Chat with coaches during the weekly Do3 Commit online drop-in sessions - These will be an open forum using the ZOOM platform. We will publicise the time of the meeting each week and you would then need to simply attend the meeting by clicking the meeting link we will send out. During the meeting you will be able to chat to coaches about your training and they will be able to look at your training plan with you using ZOOMs screen sharing capability.  Times will vary with daytimes, evenings and occasional weekends included.

  • Do3 Commit Facebook group - The group is mainly a peer support mechanism where squad-mates may be able to help and advise one another. Coaches will also be on-hand to answer questions when needed.

Do3 Commit is a plan that is fixed in that YOU get on the plan. It takes you through the speed and power (sprint) phases in November and December. The speed endurance (standard) phase is in January, February and early March and then the aerobic endurance (middle distance) phase takes you up until May. This is very good for those targetting a middle distance race in May/June time. After that it drops back down through the phases again to take you to the seasons end.

Do3 CommitEDGE is very similar to 'standard' Commit apart from is is specifically timed to prepare you for the Do3 On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon in August. Local athletes will be invited to train on the race route to allow for the best possible preparation. 

Click here to find out about the Do3 On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon 


Do3 CommitFLEX is different in that it is based around YOU and your goal races. Coaches will work with you to help clarify your objectives and plan your training year accordingly. Sprint, standard, middle distance and long distance (Ironman etc) plans are available. 

Do3 CommitSWIM gives you access to the Do3 swim programme and will help you get the most out of your sessions. There are 4 different types of session per week with each one having a different training focus - Speed and Power, Threshold/CSS, Endurance and TechSpeed. Sessions such as threshold/CSS and endurance will have you working on specific times based around your current ability. This ensure your are working at the optimum level. All training sessions have been planned and written by Do3's certified Swim Smooth coach - David Knight

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