Swim Smooth Certified Swim Analysis and Stroke Correction

Are you a triathlete or open water swimmer who is looking to improve your front crawl? At Do3 Coaching we offer a detailed swim analysis and stroke correction service where we can look at your stroke from all angles in high definition before taking you through the drills you should do to improve any issues identified. This really is the gold standard in stroke correction and perfect for anyone who is serious about improving their front crawl.

Swim Smooth is the worlds leading swim coaching company and is the recognised coaching providers for the European Triathlon Union and British Triathlon. Do3 Coach Dave Knight is one of only 25 officially certified Swim Smooth coaches worldwide. Click here for more information on Swim Smooth.

What happens during the Swim Analysis and Stroke Correction Session?

First of all we will get you into the pool and after swimming a few lengths to warm up, we will film you. You will be filmed from all angles including directly above (looking down) and underneath the water. Once the filming is done, we will then spend time with you on poolside going through the recorded footage. This part of the process is hugely valuable as it allows us to see in fine detail what is happening with your stroke. During the review, we will analyse your stroke using slow-motion software and annotate areas for development. We will show you clips of elite swimmers side-by-side so you can see clearly the difference between your stroke and the world's best swimmers. Finally, we will show you recordings of the drills that you should work on. These drills will be specific to you and your stroke meaning you will go away with no doubt what you should be working on to improve. The whole analysis element of the session is recorded and you will be sent a link to the recording so you can watch it at home. 


We currently use two venues for our swim analysis and stroke correction sessions

  • Sibford Ferris School, Sibford Ferris, Oxfordshire OX15 5QL

  • Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, Newbold Terrace E, Leamington Spa CV32 4EW. 

  • *NEW* We now offer a remote review and analysis service for only £50. Please click here for more.......


Both pools are 25m and are clean and quiet, have changing and showering facilities and plenty of free parking.  The sessions at both pools are held on Wednesday evenings.

*When attending Sibford Ferris School please use the entrance near to the cricket pitch off Hook Norton Road.

The Venues


  • 75 Minute Full Swim Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with DVD Footage of Analysis - £130

  • 60 Minute Review Session (for repeat visits) - £90

  • *NEW* We now offer a remote review and analysis service for only £50. Please click here for more.......

What you need

All you need to bring is your usual swimming gear such as your costume, goggles and hat (if you wear one). It is also worth bringing an extra towel or robe to put over you poolside while we go through the video review process. If you have any training aids such as pull buoys, fins, etc then bring them so the coach can look at what you have. In line with the Swim Smooth methodology we advise the use of certain products to help you with your drills. These items are tried and tested and we may recommend some of them following your session if we think they would help you.

Session Availability and Booking

There are two ways to book. These are:

Remote viewing and analysis service

We recognise that not everyone will be able to travel for a full in-person video analysis and stroke correction session so we are now offering this new remote service. Simply send us your video and we will do a full recorded review of your footage and provide a report advising you of the drills and techniques needed for you to improve.

How does it work?
Simply get someone to film you swimming and send it in to us (see below). We will acknowledge receipt of the video and give you an indication as to when we will complete your video review. This will usually be within 5 working days.

How do I book?
Simply click the button below and select 'Remote video review'. We'll then get in touch with details about how to upload and how long it will be before you get your review. 

How much does this service cost?
The remote video review service is £50. 

How do I get the filming done?
First of all, the better the quality of the filming, the better chances we have of taking a good look at your stroke and therefore a better quality review. When you book the service we will advise you on the best angles to film. Don't worry, a phone will be fine. Underwater footage will really help if you can get it. Obviously get permission from the facility you intend to use to do the filming!

What if I need to talk to a coach about the review they have done?
That's fine, simply drop us a message and we'll arrange a time with you. The call slot will be up to 30 minutes long and is £40. 

What now? Get your filming done and get booked in!