Men's Do3 long sleeve cycle jersey with full zip - black

Men's Do3 long sleeve cycle jersey with full zip - black

Available to pre-order now.


Men's black Do3 long sleeve cycle jersey with full zip.


Professional race cycling jersey using a carbon fibre thread interwoven in microfibre allows to make super-lightweight jersey that is still very strong; so it is very resistant to threads being pulled and general wear and tear. Meanwhile it has a very high wicking capacity (so it helps sweat to evaporate from your body), helps to regulate body heat and won’t stick to you when you start to get sweaty. The Biofit design incorporates lycra mesh sidepanels to give a better fit and follow the body contours – the jersey is designed to fit perfectly when you are in the riding position, with your arms stretched forward. Also incorporates a silicone body gripper to stop the jersey riding up and is available in male and female sizes.


Please review the size chart to ensure you get a good fit.



    Various locations depending on the training but mostly around Warwickshire and West Midlands UK


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