Do3 tow float and dry bag - hi-vis orange

Do3 tow float and dry bag - hi-vis orange

Designed to keep you visible when swimming in open water, this inflatable tow float is available in orange and green.


The tow float also features a 20L dry bag section so you can carry items with you while you swim.


The tow float straps around your waist and is pulled behind you when swimming.  Its clever design means that it floats out of range of arms and kick zone and is virtually drag free.


The tow float is made of high quality durable PVC and includes a leash and waist strap, which is adjustable. 


Please note that this item is not a buoyancy aid.  It does not give any buoyancy whilst swimming.  The tow float floats behind the swimmer on a short leash.



    Various locations depending on the training but mostly around Warwickshire and West Midlands UK


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