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Why should you give a sports massage a regular time slot in your training diary?

by Kate Edge - Sports massage therapist

Getting injured is every athlete’s worst fear. Pain, impaired performance, delayed training plans, and costly remedial therapy are likely results of an injury.

Whilst some injuries are a result of bad fortune, some can be prevented. You make sure you do your bit - nutrition, comprehensive training plan, strengthening and conditioning, the right gear… But do you pay enough attention to your recovery? Scheduling rest days, a good sleep cycle and regular maintenance are invaluable in supporting your body to bounce back strong and ready for another training session.

Sports massage has been proven to improve soft tissue tone and elasticity which, in effect, decreases muscle tension and pain. You are bound to perform (and feel) better pain free. 2016 Oxford University Study on massage and pain here.

A sports massage increases circulation through the body – delivering all important oxygen and nutrients which are necessary for maintaining healthy tissues. This, in effect, speeds up recovery times and reduces risk of injury.

So, if you notice a niggle, tightness in your calves, or a painful shoulder - sports massage can take care of the pain and help you return to exercise knowing you have done your bit to help your body recover.

The better we feel, the better we heal

As indicated by the National Centre for Biotechnology study here, massage is known to:

  • Reduced heart rate

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower anxiety

  • Improved mood

  • Stabilised cortisol levels (a stress hormone)

In addition to the above, it may improve your sleep quality which is when your body kickstarts the internal recovery works. A good night sleep is imperative to a general sense of wellbeing and ability to deal with whatever life throws our way - Cognitive function and mental health are greatly affected by sleep quality. Evidence shows that overall fitness and ability to perform increases with sleep quality too. More on this topic can be found here and in International Journal of Neuroscience here.

That’s the science talking; what are my clients saying…?

‘As a long course triathlete, I am dedicated to my training, nutrition, and sleep, but I never valued recovery and sports massage until my coach prescribed it! Kate at Form Sports Therapy was incredible, and her approach to understanding my training, and me as an athlete enabled her to treat my body to speed up recovery and to perform better. Appointments at Form Sports Therapies now regularly appear in my training diary!’ - Richard, competitive triathlete

‘I’m not normally one for having massages as they tend me make me feel uncomfortable. However, after starting a new exercise plan, I needed something to ease my back. After 18 months of working at the kitchen table I didn't realise how much I needed my muscles unknotting, until exercise became increasingly more painful. After an hour of deep tissue treatment my back felt so much better, and I was able to continue with my exercise plan.’ – Michelle, recreational weightlifter

‘I am a competitive mountain biker who tends to crash a lot; luckily, I have had Kate from Form Sports Therapies looking after me. She has not only kept my legs in great shape, but she has helped me with long term injuries, and more recent ones, keeping me on the bike and performing well. The environment at Form is welcoming and relaxed. I would highly recommend a visit; your body will thank you!’ Maxine - National DH Mountain Bike Champion and XC Champion 2021

‘Kate at Form Sports Therapies has been great at supporting me in my recovery and is very knowledgeable. She has gone above and beyond on understanding the nuances of my injuries, taking time to explain the treatment, exercises and how it will support injury and post race recovery. As a long course triathlete I always have a niggle and Kate has been able to adapt to the newest pain. I'd highly recommend Kate; she is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, listens and supports you to achieve your goals.’ - Rob, competitive triathlete

Kate is available for Sports Massage services at Do3 Perform in Kineton. Click here for more info and to book.

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