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UNCO - Can YOU master the King of Drills?

Morning all.

On Wednesday morning I took the swim squad through a progression of drills working up to the full UNCO drill. The UNCO is referred to as the 'king of drills' due it being a drill that when executed correctly, helps improve many aspects of your front crawl stroke including: rhythm and timing, catch and pull, rotation and the timing of your breathing. UNCO stands for uncoordinated because this is how you can feel when you are getting used to executing the drill.

This UNCO drill does take practise so stick some fins on and give it a go. The best way to do this is alternate the drill with normal swimming so you can focus on transferring some of the UNCO elements across into your stroke. Do UNCO breathing to the left followed by normal swimming breathing to the left only. Then repeat on this the right.

Let us know how you get on!

Swim Smooth Links:


If you struggle to get to grips with UNCO immediately, try this progression:

  • Single arm drill – arm out front (breathing only toward the stroke arm).

  • Single arm drill – arm by side (breathing only toward the stroke arm).

  • Single arm drill – arm by side (breathing AWAY from the stroke arm). THIS IS UNCO :)

Links and images are provided by Swim Smooth. Do3 Coach Dave Knight is currently undergoing Swim Smooth certification and the Do3 Swim Squads follow the Swim Smooth coaching methodology. 

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