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Swim with Do3 for less than £4 per session!

From 1st April we are starting a 3 month trial on a new pricing option for the swim squads. Quite simply, pay £99 per month and you can swim as often as you like!

One of the main reasons for doing this is because we want to bring the cost down for those who want to swim regularly. At present the cheapest you can swim for is £8 when you purchase a 40 swim block. The £99 option would allow you to swim up to 6 times per week at a cost of just under £4 per swim! Even if you (more realistically) swim only 3 times per week then you'd be paying £7.80.

The fine print. *The fees will be paid in advance. On around the 20th of the preceding month you will receive an invoice. Provided this invoice is paid by the end of the month you will have an 'unlimited swims' facility added to your account.  *No part months are available *You are free to book into sessions as much as you like in advance BUT you must book out by 6pm the night before if you can't make it to allow wait listers to take up the spot. We will need to enforce this to stop 'blockers'. Block a spot and you will be charged as we want swimmers and not empty lanes!

If you want to sign up to the £99 deal please complete the form by clicking the link below Only 30 trial slots are available


Any questions – just ask!

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