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Swim Smooth Guru App available to all active Do3 Athletes from 1st April!

We are very pleased to announce that there is a new special reason to be part of Do3's swim squads. All active* swimmers will be given free access to the amazing Swim Smooth Guru app!

Swim Smooth Guru Features Overview

5 years in the making, the Guru transplants all of Swim Smooths coaching methods onto your phone, tablet or computer – available to you wherever and whenever you need it!

The Guru system is incredibly comprehensive with a wealth of content at your fingertips:

  • The Swim Types system helps to identify and improve your individual stroke technique.

  • Step-by-step fault-fixers will help correct any stroke flaw.

  • Set a goal (such a triathlon or open water race) and let the Guru lay out a swim-by-swim pathway to get you there.

  • Detailed studies of 17 elite swimmers and triathletes strokes – discover why they are so fast and efficient.

  • Huge library of swim drills videos (which can be used alongside our squad sessions).

What do you need to do to get access to the Guru?

Well, if you are an active* member of the swim squads or a coached athlete – absolutely nothing! We will add you to the standard version of the Guru via our coaching account. Once added you will receive an email telling you that you now have access to the Guru!  If you are not an active member of Do3, why not? Get booked in and join in and you too will be given FREE Guru access!

*To be considered active you need to have attended swim squad sessions within a rolling 30 day period. Unfortunately we will need to remove access from anyone why becomes 'inactive'.

We hope you enjoy this new additional benefit for being a member of Do3 Squad. 

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