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SEVEN DAYS TO GO until the launch of Do3 Swim Squads at Stratford Leisure Centre!

With only a week to go until the first swim squad session, I am busy making sure everything is in place to make sure all runs smoothly. I returned late last night from my trip to Australia, where I have been on a two week Swim Smooth Certified Coaches course (more on that to come soon!). When I arrived home I was excited to see the new squad swim caps had arrived (which in my opinion look super-smart) along with the session cards for issuing before the first session – everything is falling into place nicely. 

After doing a review of sign-ups I am really pleased to confirm that ALL THREE squad sessions will be starting next week as planned. There are still paces available on all days so spread the word to anyone who you think may be interested. Here is the link to the squads website page: http://www.do3coaching.com/services/swim-squad.php

Next weeks squad sessions are:

  • Monday 6am-7am - Technique/Fitness. 

  • Wednesday 6am-7am  - Threshold/CSS.

  • Thursday 6am-7am  - Endurance

As the name suggests, Mondays session will focus on improving your front crawl technque. It will include some drill work along with normal swimming. The drills will be quite straight forward to start off with and demo's will be given (don't worry about not getting it right, over time you will get used to them).

Tuesdays session is more about working at a higher (threshold) level to really boost that fitness. There will still be some drills during the warm-up but the focus during this session is very much on pushing a little harder and challenging yourself.

Thursdays session is all about endurance. No warm-up, just straight into it. This session is about building your aerobic fitness. Slightly slower but longer reps are the order of the day.

Thinking about joining? What are you waiting for? Click the link to get the full info on the swim squads and sign-up today!


See you in the water!

Dave Knight

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