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Packing a bike box

Updated: Feb 28

Taking your pride and joy away on a trip can be daunting. Especially when it comes to air travel and packing it into a bike box. The last thing you want is to arrive only to find bits missing, forgotten, or worse still - broken.

I have travelled with my bike a lot. It basically goes wherever I go. I rarely leave home without it. As a result I have packed my bike a lot. This is my guide about how I pack my bike. Doing things in the correct order will make things a lot easier. I hope you find this useful.


Open your bike and make sure you have some space. The frame goes in the bottom and the wheels in the lid.

Have some tools ready. I use one of these mini torque wrenches. Vital bit of kit.

It’s also useful to have a box to keep your bike bits in. More on that later…

Before you do anything, put your bike in the smallest/lowest gear so the chain is at its loosest.

Pedals off first. With the pedals in their most forward position the Allen key or wrench needs to be pulled UP towards the saddle. This applies to both sides!

Two more tools I always carry. An Allen key for the pedals and a pedal wrench for my other pedals (or anyone who needs it!).

Seat post and seat out next.

Open up the brakes using the release lever (if you have one).

Undo the steerer tube bolt.

Undo the stem bolts.

Take the bars off.

Replace the steerer tube bolt and MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LOSE THE SPACERS. In fact, you need to make a note of where your spacers are as you may have some above your stem and they’ll need to go back in the same place.

Let your tyres down. If you have sealant in your tyres, position the valve to the side otherwise you may have a load of sealant make it’s way out of the valve!

Screw the valve back in (don’t worry about this if you don’t have sealant).

Take the front wheel out and secure it to the left side of the box lid. Use the skewer to secure it in.

Take the rear wheel off and secure it in the right side of the box lid.

Make sure there are no spokes covering the dent for the support pole.

Lay the frame and bars in the box with the c