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Our brand new Do3 podcast is live!!

The first episode includes an interview with award winning mind and body coach Kim Ingleby. If you think you have been affected by confidence issues or fear (that must be everyone, right?). then it’s well worth a listen.

Our podcast aims to help, inspire and entertain anyone who loves to swim, bike or run (or maybe even all three!). We’ll have weekly special guests, age-grouper interviews (these are great!), coaches' Q & A and ‘deep dive’ where we look at a specific subject area. We want you to join us on our podcast journey. We’ve never done this before so listen to us trying our best in the uber competitive podcast world!

PLEASE can we ask that you give us an opening boost by listening, liking, reviewing, sharing and subscribing. Every one of these helps in the magical algorithm world that goes on behind the scenes to boost the rankings. We are genuinely here to help as many as we can.

The first episode is out now and can be found on all the major Podcast platforms including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and and many more links: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1989357/share . If you’d prefer to watch, the podcasts are also available as a video so you can see as well as hear us!! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjZlqkZEPJ3WJUMhG9Y3hDPtZg0vYgLq

WE NEED QUESTIONS for our coaches Q and A. If you have a question you want answering on the podcast please send it to podcast@do3.co.uk. Be sure to include your name and anything else you want mentioned!

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