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Lots of exciting news at Do3! New sessions, training camps, partnerships and much more.....

Like most multisport athletes at Do3 we just can't keep still! Driven by our passion to provide triathletes and duathletes (and others) with great quality training opportunities, we have been beavering away behind the scenes over the last couple of months putting the finishing touches on a load of new things. Here is a summary…….

New Swim Sessions – Tudor Grange Leisure Centre (Solihull) 

We have new added a THIRD weekly session to the Tudor Grange Schedule so swimmers now get the full suite of sessions – Endurance, Technique and CSS/Threshold. Sessions types rotate across the days so that regardless of which day you come on you will always get a good mix of session types. Click here to see the session rota.  Tudor Grange Sessions now run on

  • Tuesday 6-7am

  • Wednesday 6-7am

  • Friday 6-7am

Click here to find out more about the Do3 Swim Squad Sessions

New 'Speed and Power' Swim Session - St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre (Warwick) 

We have now launched a new Speed and Power session over at St. Nick's. This session will add some extra 'fizz' to your stroke. This is an up-tempo session where you will be spending time doing shorter, faster intervals. Recovery times are longer to allow good quality efforts. Speed and Power sessions will improve stroke rates, build strength and more!

  • Saturday 6:30 – 7:30 am

Click here to find out more about the Do3 Swim Squad Sessions

Swim Session Round-Up

  • Monday 6-7am  - Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre 

  • Tuesday 6-7am – Tudor Grange Leisure Centre

  • Wednesday 6-7am - Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre AND Tudor Grange Leisure Centre 

  • Thursday 6-7am - Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre 

  • Friday 6-7am - Tudor Grange Leisure Centre 

  • Saturday 6:30-7:30am - St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre  

New Bike Training Session at Tudor Grange Bike Track (Solihull)

At Do3 our aim is to prepare athletes so that they can arrive on race-day fully armed with the skills needed to have a great race. A triathlete's or duathlete's bike training should not only include the obvious fitness elements but also, and arguably more importantly, the technical side of things too. Our new bike sessions at Tudor Grange will usually include an element of fitness training as well as some focused work on the technical elements. More more details about our bike sessions please click here.

Triathlon Training Camp St Moritz, Switzerland – Open for Bookings!

We are excited to announce that we will be returning the awe-inspiring alpine resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland in August 2018 for another Do3 Triathlon Training Camp

Famous for its winter sports, in the summer St. Moritz transforms into a multi-sport Mecca and becomes the ultimate triathlon training venue. Situated at an altitude of over 5900ft St. Moritz is a well known training venue for athletes looking to get the additional gains in performance that training altitude training can provide. Simply living at this altitude is said to have a similar impact to light training!  This camp was hugely popular in 2017 and we are only taking 10 athletes so be quick if you want to book!

Click here for full details of the St Moritz Camp

Other News….. 

Do3 Commit Launches 

On Monday 27th November we launched our new squad training programme. Do3 Commit is a progressive squad plan that will prepare athletes for the 2018 season and beyond. In line with our coaching methodologies, after a short lead-in prep phase they start their Speed and Power block. For many of these athletes this will be the first time they have been on a structured Triathlon training programme and its going to be great to see how they perform in 2018!

New Headline Sponsor for Do3! – Helix!

We are very pleased to announce that multisport independent retailer Helix Sport will be Do3's headline sponsor in 2018! As a newly launched and local retailer we are especially proud to be associated with Helix. Since they opened their new store in Dorridge we have already forged a solid partership and am pleased to report that they have just as much passion about the sport as we do! 

Click here to visit the Helix Sport Website

Final Word – What exactly IS Do3?!

We are not (and never will) be an official or formal club. As we said right at the start of this newsletter, we are driven by our passion to provide triathletes and duathletes (and others) with great quality training opportunities – this is our goal. Athletes pay to attend sessions and as such all coaches are paid for the work they do. This allows us to spend the time it takes to construct the quality training framework that athletes deserve.  Do3 sessions are open to all, regardless of existing club affiliations. At Do3 we don't do club politics, we just train and race (and have fun doing it ;) ). 

If you have read this far – well done! If you want to find out more about Do3 then get in touch. Our Facebook group is always a good place to dip your toe in the Do3 water too! Do3 on Facebook

Have fun out there! 


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