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Hill Runs - The multi-purpose workout

Quite a few Do3 athletes are starting their stimulus phases this week, with most on a run stimulus programme. The programme includes a weekly hill session which starts with only 10 mins of hills, this time builds as the phase progresses.

Hill running really is a great multi-purpose session. Not only does it build leg strength (which will be needed as the programme progresses) but it also helps run technique/form. Finally, even though the hills element of the session only includes a work/recovery ratio of around 1:3 so has plenty of rest, the WHOLE hills element acts as a great workout at around threshold level. The image shows how the HR stays high even during the jog recoveries.

When running hill reps don't rush the jog downhill recovery. Take your time so that you are able to attack the next hill. Try to pace the hill reps so that you are running at a pace that you can maintain for the whole length of the hill AND all the reps.

Finally, don't forget to warm up thoroughly before hills to prepare your body for the work to come and reduce the likelihood of injury.

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