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Have you ever considered a training camp? (if not, you should!)

We have just returned from our spring training camp on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. I personally love coaching these camps as it really allows for some quality time with athletes. Something that we rarely get chance to do in the UK.

Our camps are usually very much mixed ability and this camp was no exception. We had a mix of complete newbies to the sport, right up to seasoned international age-groupers. The mix is not a problem, in fact it makes for a for a balanced, relaxed and fun camp! With two coaches on camp we were able to split the camp into groups for things like bike rides and runs. Swims are obviously not a problem as it's in a pool (apart from our coached sea swim!).

We don't run 'boot camps' and we won't send you home broken with fatigue. We realise that everyone wants different things from a camp. Some want to pick and choose their sessions and get some sun, some want to really challenge themselves and push their limits. From day one the message is clear, if you are there at the start of the training session, you are in. If you don't show, we assume you are resting and sitting one out. Either way, it's up to you.

This year the camp included four swims, four bike rides and a few runs. There were also some technical sessions where we looked at stroke technique (with video analysis) and transitions. We also had a workshop on how to get the most out of your training and racing.

This camp also included an open water skills session where the campers worked on sighting, drafting, orientation and turning around a buoy. All valuable skills that everyone should practise.

So, if you fancy a week of doing what you love in the sun then get booked in for our 2023 camp. It's now open for bookings and we are even offering the chance to split the payments over 6 months!

To find out more and to book, please take a look at this page: https://www.do3.co.uk/training-camps or get in contact by dropping us an email to


See you in the sun!

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