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Four podium places for Do3 at the ETU Middle Distance Triathlon Championships

6th and 7th July was one of the busiest racing weekends for Do3, Warwickshire’s respected triathlon squad, as competitors asserted their presence racing at Ironman Austria and winning podium places at the middle distance European Championships in Romania.  

At the 2019 Targu Mures ETU Middle Distance Triathlon Championships competitors raced a 1900m swim, 82km bike and 20km run in soaring conditions. Toni Senior was 3rd in her age group and received a bronze medal on the podium for her 33:13 swim, 2:28:23 bike and 1:50:08 run.  Emma Bexson’s 4:42:29 gave her 2nd place in her age group while Corinne Moss completed the swim in 30:55, bike in 2:18:08 and the run in 1:42:27 and achieved a silver medal in her age group with an overall time of 4:37:49. 

Matt Taylor also raced at the headline event and finished the middle distance race in 4:55:40 while Cameron Craik took a bronze in his age group with a time of 4:21 made up of a 29:14 swim, 2:13:43 bike and 1:34:21 run. Stephanie Cox competed in the ETU Aquathlon European Championship; a 1000m swim and 5Km run and was 5th in her age group with a time of 44:34. Fellow Do3 squad member Kate Miller completed the distance in 45:05.

Several of the squad headed to Austria to compete in Ironman Austria-Karnten.  The full distance event took place in hot and changeable conditions on a scenic course which comprised of a 3.9km open water swim, 180km bike and 42km run. Mike Davis posted a personal best over the distance by 1:24. Pete Wharton also achieved a new personal best and completed the event in 12:21:49.  Guy Bicknell finished in 10:55:09 and Grant Marshall and Steven Hession earned themselves the title Ironman completing the race in 12:28:54 and 12:23:45 respectively.   

At Outlaw Half Holkham, a middle distance race of 1900m swim, 90km bike and 20km run, Amy Hinton was 7thin her age group with a time of 5:30:31. John Taplin and Pat Poulton also raced at Holkham along with Andrew White who finished the event in 5:15:38.  Lucy Mapp proved how Do3 methodology is paying off at the St Neots Standard Triathlon where she was 1st in her age group, 2nd female and 16th overall on the 1500m swim, 45km bike and 10km run course. 

Stuart Mackay was in Tenby for the Long Course Weekend, Paul Nash raced at Hever Castle in the aquabike and Becky Wass took part in the Sherbourne Sports Centre Sprint Triathlon, a 500m swim, 20km bike and 5km run and was 7th in her age group.  

Dave Knight, head coach for Do3 adds, ‘This has been a standout weekend for us and the results have stacked up in line with the training that has gone in. To compete at the European Championships is quite an achievement for any athlete; to take to the podium is another level. Congratulations to everyone who received a medal – your determination is being rewarded. My admiration also goes to those who headed to Austria to earn the title Ironman. The fact that personal bests were broken at this distance is again testament to the work that everyone is putting in.  I’m immensely proud each time I see our squad’s kit on a raceday and how collectively we’ve asserted ourselves to become such a force on the European triathlon scene’.

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