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Do3 Swim Squad Recommended Kit

With the new swim squads about to kick-off I have been asked what kit is needed. Although nothing is compulsary, the following is a list of the items we recommend you consider buying at some point  in order to get the most out of the sessions. These are fairly inexpensive items and one-off purchases that should last for years.

1. Finis Floating Fins (see the blue and red fins in the picture)

With these longer fins you can gently kick your legs and they wil give you enough propulsion to allow you to focus on your drill. Without these some swimmers spend more time trying to just breathe therefore defeating the object of the drill!      

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2. Finis Agility Hand Paddles 

These strapless hand paddles are designed to drop off or become unstable if your hand positioning is poor. A great tool for making sure you don't drop that elbow!

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3. Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles 

These yellow pointed hand paddles are great for working on various things including hand entry/position and alignment. They have a single finger strap and a keel which means you can feel when things are not as straight as they should be!          

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4. Finis Pull Buoy 

Pull buoys are used quite a lot during squad sessions. They are used for drills such as sculling and doggie paddle but also sometimes as a recovery aid during longer reps. Ypu can use any make/model of pull buoy but make sure they have a good level of buoyancy (some cheaper ones are very poor).            

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5. Finis Tempo Trainer (the little gadget with the LCD screen in the pic)

We love these little yellow gadgets! Pop one of these under your swim cap and you have a multi-purpose tool that will help you hold pace, maintain your stroke rate and much more.   Although we will be lending you these to use during sessions, we still recommend you consider buying one yourself to use during your own swimming away from the squad.  

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