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Do3 Support is launched to help athletes access coaching services

At Do3 we don't believe that a lack of finances should be a barrier to athletes entering the sport and from obtaining the coaching that may help take them to that next level. 

There is no doubt that Triathlon is an expensive sport. Race entry fees are spiralling, the kit needed to race and train is increadibly expensive, and the cost of quality training sessions and coaching fees are another big chunk of cash. How many amazing athletes are missing out on gold medals (or at the other end just getting fitter and enjoying the sport) because they simply don't have the cash to even buy the basics?

At Do3 we have recently taken on two coached athletes free of charge because we believe they have the potential to do increadibly well in the sport. We could not simply shrug our shoulders and say "sorry we can't help because you don't have the money".  We wanted to find a way to help so Do3 Support was born.

Do3 Support is a voluntary scheme whereby private individuals and companies can donate cash to help the athletes on the scheme. This will be used solely to support the athletes and will be used to fund professional coaching, race entry fees and equipment.  Donations can be made via the Do3 Support 'gofundme' page by clicking the gofundme logo below. 

Meet the athletes currently on the Do3 Support Scheme

Athlete: Georgina Lord

I’m Georgina and I’m a Masters student at the University of Warwick. In 2015, I was all set to start training to be a nurse at King’s College London. My goal of nursing became put on hold after I became disabled as a result of a relapse of an autoimmune condition Transverse Myelitis. My legs became weaker and walking became more and more difficult which was when I became a wheelchair user.

Realizing that a nursing degree would be difficult from a wheelchair, I switched universities and subjects and found a new goal. It was during my undergraduate degree in Hull that I was introduced to wheelchair sports. I loved the fast-paced, energetic and inclusive environment of disability sport. I’ve played wheelchair basketball, rugby, para-ice hockey and done wheelchair racing. However, para-triathlon is my ambition.

Para-triathlon is like able-bodied triathlon but for the bike and run disciplines I compete using a handcycle and then a racing wheelchair. My absolute goal is to compete in para-triathlon at the Paralympics. I have attended British Triathlon’s Tri4Tokyo testing days where I was seen to have some potential in para-triathlon despite being very new to it.

I am currently in the Northern Regional Academy for paratriathlon run by Triathlon England and this will help me to progress further towards my goal of getting to the Paralympics.  As you can imagine this is a very expensive sport to compete in. I currently do not have my own handcycle but have been lent one by British Triathlon.

In order for me to be able to reach my goal of getting to the Paralympics I need to be able to get a handcycle built for my specification and my disability which cost minimum £6000. I also need money to be able to attend training camps. I also have coaching, training, and travel costs to cover, as well as fees for competing. Currently I fund everything myself and receive no support for these costs. Any help from you will go directly towards helping me reach my goal of getting to the Paralympics and beyond!

Thank you. Georgina. 

Athlete: Jake Louis (16)

I started triathlon when I was eleven. I did my first race as a bit of fun thinking I’ll never win with a mountain bike, however after leading out the swim and somehow hanging on I managed to win and immediately agreed that a road bike was necessary. Since then I have been looking forward to April to start the season of racing every year.

Back then, coming from a swimming club background with Coventry and Rugby swimming club, I always looked forward to the swim and the race plan was always to hold on through the bike run. However turns out I’m not too bad at running and cross country, and with a bit of training my run improved no end and the scales have now tipped the complete opposite way. To wanting to get out the water as quickly as possible and play catch up on the bike run. Obviously the plan is to make these scales as even and as rapid as possible with more focussed training and DO3 are really helping with that. 

Since starting triathlon I have had numerous podium finishes in regional races in the west midlands, east midlands and south central series. I managed to win the west midlands youth series last year and hope to repeat that this year. 

My best race I have competed in was Sandwell open water triathlon, last year. I emerged from the water in eighth position in a field of the west midlands top athletes, I managed to chase down and make up some time on the bike to be seventh going on to the run. I’ll never forget putting my helmet down, looking up and seeing four athletes in the distance knowing a podium was on the cards. I ran my best ever run and got the final spot on the podium. 

In the future I’m hoping to race nationally in the British triathlon super series where the best triathletes in the country of my age do a series competing to be the best. 

We hope that you will consider supporting these athletes realise their potential. Donations can be made by clicking the gofundme logo below.  We will be sure to keep you up to date with results by posting updates on our blog pages – simply click Georgina or Jakes name in the tags on the right!

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