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Do3 Sunday rides. Get involved!

There is nothing better for improving your bike skills, confidence and overall bike ability than riding outdoors in a group. Group riding is great fun too (especially as it is usually punctuated by cake stops too!).

We are now arranging regular group rides on Sundays. The rides are for all abilities, and for the moment are ‘stay together’ so that no one gets left behind. If the group spreads then there will be regular regrouping to pull everyone back together again. The rides leave the main car park at Compton Verney at 10:30am each Sunday.

As the weeks progress and more get involved, we’ll start to split the groups a little more so they contain people closer together in ability.

Now is a great time to get involved as there will be all sorts of abilities there!

Depending on who comes, we usually run a couple of groups. One group rides for a couple of hours at 17-19mph and the other about at hour at 14-16mph.

Routes are published beforehand so you will even know where you will be going!

Finally, we do ask that if you have a Do3 jersey you wear it. If not, club kit (if you are a member of any cycle club etc) or if you have neither of those, just come in whatever you do have!

We have a dedicated group in the Do3 community where rides are arranged and discussed. Click the link to join! https://do3tri.mn.co/plans/205634?

Please help us grow our YouTube channel by liking the video and subscribing. Every single one helps! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVl0bDohaz4GZpEvGmfWVWg?sub_confirmation=1

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