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Do3 Squad News and Strava Update - So much to talk about this week!

This weeks overall training time winner is Sheila Lammas. Sheila put in some good hours across all three disciplines to knock up a whopping 12hrs 38m of training.  Solid work Sheila, especially considering you smashed out a new PB in the pool during the CSS tests too – you clearly had energy to spare given all the other training you have been doing!  Despite clocking up over 12hrs of training time, Stewart Hingeley was pipped to top-spot by Sheila. I know Stewart was gunning for the top-spot – you have to work pretty hard when Sheila's on-form Stewart, better luck next time! :)

Sarah Jane McDonnell was top of the swim charts (again!) with 3:31hrs worth of time in the water. Last week Sarah Jane had her Channel Relay Swim and made it to within touching distance of the French shores before the attempt had to be ended due to safety concerns caused by the large and unforgiving swell. I know Sarah Jane was very disappointed to not make it all the way across but she should still be proud of her efforts and those of her team. Taking on the Channel is no small task and can be very dangerous, in fact there was a fatality only two weeks ago. Sarah Jane, we are very proud of you and we are glad to have you back in one piece.  Sarah Jane was raising money for the charity Aspire – it's not too late to donate so click this link to show support for Aspire and for Sarah Janes mammoth effort. 

Top of the ride time chart was Stewart Hingeley with a huge 8:15hrs on the bike. Super work Stewart, especially when some of your riding is done straight after working a night shift #hardcore!

Rebecca Brown topped the run time charts with over 9hrs of running! On Saturday uber runner Becky ran no fewer than 8 (and a half!) park runs to make the distance for the day up to the marathon distance. Given all the warming up, cooling down and traveling involved that must have been one tough, long day! Well done Becky – you are amazeballs (I think thats it, I better check with my daughter :) ).

Well done to John Wrottesley for taking part in his first ever triathlon! John has got the Tri bug after taking part in the Southam Triathlon on Sunday. All this tri talk around the squad has been getting John fired up and he raced to a respectable 1:13:35. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to come from John over the coming weeks and months!  

Also racing at Southam was Jonathan Ward, Paul Nash and Richard Shephard. Consistent performer Jonathan put his new aero bike gear to good work and clocked a finishing time of 1:01:30 to finish second in the V40 category – great result yet again Jonathan! Usually known for the longer stuff, Paul showed that he can turn his hand to the quicker side of the sport too with a solid 1:15:44. Not one for the lime light, Richard, erm WON!  Richard came home in 54:11 to win by over a minute and a half. Talented boy our Richard, very humble with it too (which is rare in Triathlon!).  Big well done also to Mel and Tim Tandy for going along to support the squad members at Southam :)

Over at Kenilworth Half Mel Knight ran a great 1:50:51 to prove that swimming is not her only talent (sorry Mel ;) ). Toni Gaskins decided to take on the Wolf Run! I don't think times are a big thing in the Wolf Run due to the bonkers nature of it but here is a pic instead (stolen from Toni's FB – sorry Toni haha!).

Paul Branch and Graham Purcell took on the Battle of Bosworth Middle Distance Triathlon. Both registered very respectable times with Paul finishing in 5:28:51 and Graham in 6:03:35. One thing I did notice about this race was the remarkably small field of only 40 – possibly a sign of the middle/long distance scene being saturated in the UK? Well done to both of you, great efforts.

Finally I just wanted to apologise to Mel and Tim Tandy for not mentioning their epic races over at Ironman Copenhagen the week before last! Team Tandy had been building up to this race for a long time and both posted great times (Tim – 11:54:57 ; Mel – 14:23:54 ). Tim toughed out the run despite having been hampered by calf problems during training leading to him not running over the last few weeks. Not ideal prep when you have to run a marathon after 112 miles on the bike!  Mel also had issues, but this time on the bike AND run! Mel punctured (twice I think) and took a tumble on the run – nothing like doing things the easy way, eh Mel?! Anyway, huge congratulations guys – super effort!

Finally, onto the squad member of the week. Again, this doesn't go to whoever does the most miles, or the most training time. It is a super informal decision based on who I think deserves it – simple as that! This weeks spot prize is ROTOR Cycle Cap kindly donated by VeloFix.  This week I have decided to award the prize to Sarah Jane McDonnell for her amazing exploits in the English Channel. Super well done Sarah Jane, we are looking forward to seeing what you take on next!

VeloFix are a bike shop and servicing centre based in Stratford upon Avon. Their motto being "We fix bikes, we sell bikes, simple!" so they pretty much do what it says on the tin!    To find out more about VeloFix, click the logo below.

Interested in finding out more about the Do3 Swim Squads at Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre or wish to sign up?  Click Here

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