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Do3 Squad News and Strava Update - Dog Walking Titles and Censorship!

Strava Updates

In last weeks Strava league, Mel Tandy took top spot with an epic 9:41hrs of training. This total included a huge 6:30hrs of running** for which unsurprisingly Mel took the run title too! OK, now here's a thing…..I have looked at Mel's colossal running total and may need to put it to a squad vote – does a shed load of dog walking count?! As the Strava league is all about having fun and is not to be taken to seriously, I think we should let Mel off…this time :) (and that doesn't mean you can all upload your 'training' sessions where you 'run' to the pub and 'swim' while sitting in the bath!).

On the swimming side of things Nicki Osborne has been putting in the miles with an impressive 3:51hrs in the pool. 'One boot' Osborne has been struggling to run over the last few weeks so has been switching her focus to the pool. Nicki, great work – we all know that swimming rewards you when you put the time in so I'm looking forward to watching you smash it in the next CSS test!

Finally, Shin Braich has been knocked off his perch as Do3's uber biker by new squad member David Wrottesley. David put in an impressive 6:25hrs in the saddle to narrowly take the title from Paul Nash (5:33hrs). 

Do3 Squad Continues To Grow

I am very pleased to report that Do3 Squad is continuing to grow rapidly. We now have over 70 active squad members and the Strava group is now also up to 34. Everyone benefits from the growth of the squad - more team spirit, more training partners, even more friendly banter! (more of that below!)

Race Reports

It was quite a quiet weekend with only a few squad members venturing out. Over at Birmingham Half Marathon Ian Dickens put in a solid performance despite spending the last few months recovering from a bike crash. Ian crossed the line in 1:35:41 which included a 42:28 10k split! Great work Ian!  At the same race, Paul Branch finished in an amazing 1:30:22 to finish 382nd out of a huge field of 27000!

Marcus Gaskell jetted off to a slightly more exotic location for his half marathon. Paul headed off to Palma, Mallorca to take part in the suitably named 'Palma de Mallorca Marathon'. Marcus completed the distance in a very impressive 1:29:50 to bag himself a new PB – great effort Marcus!

Do3 Run Squad

Its now only a couple of weeks until the Do3 Run Squad sessions start at Stratford High School track. Sessions will start on Saturday 5th of November and will be from 10am until 11am. All abilities will be welcome and catered for. Sessions can be booked via the Do3 app (link at the top of this page).

……and finally….

The Do3 Facebook group is a great place for squad-mates to get to know each other and offer each other help, advice and support. It is also the place for friendly banter and dressing up in rubber gear……oh, hang on….. did I actually just say that?! If you are of a nervous disposition, please stop reading and run away NOW!

You may or may not have seen that Ironman World Champion Daniela Ryf has recently done some 'alternative' fashion pics courtesy of Redbull? If you want to see all the official photos CLICK HERE.

Image Courtesy of Redbull

Anyway, some certain squad members (who MUST remain nameless) decided to have a go at reenacting Daniela's pictures themselves (if you want to see the originals you must join the Do3 Facebook group!). I have pixelated the images to protect you from being blinded. Here they are:

Want to join the fun and find out more about all Do3 sessions? Why not join the Do3 Squad Facebook Group by clicking HERE.

Interested in finding out more about the Do3 Swim Squads at Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre or wish to sign up?  Click Here

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