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Do3 Squad News and Strava Update - Corinne stays cool at the World Champs in Mexico!

Its that time in the season when the races become a little more sparse and people start to look forward to some R and R and start planning their adventures for 2017 and beyond. As such it's been a quieter week on the racing front, but more of that below…

Over in the Strava table, Sheila Lammas has been putting in the work to take the overall training time honours with 11:30hrs. With so much work going in I am expecting Sheila to be a force to be reckoned with (and having seen the power she is holding during her Wattbike intervals, we should all be afraid – VERY afraid!). Only kidding. Great work again this week Sheila – well done. 

Guess who's back at the top of the swimming charts? Yep, you guessed it Sarah Jane McDonnell is back with 4:14hrs of pool time. Could this mean she has her eyes on another marathon swimming effort?!……

I am starting to see a pattern forming on the cycling side of things. Shin Braich is top again, beating last weeks 9:17hrs with a 11:16hrs this week! Looking forward to getting you along on the Sunday rides with the squad soon Shin (although you will have to slow down a bit!)

Finally Super Sam Nicholson topped the running charts with 3:09hrs on his feet. Sam is ON FIRE this season and I can't wait to see where he takes things next year. Sam is proof that with focus, strong goals and hard work you really can achieve some amazing things! (Sam – maybe you could write a little bit about where you have come from over the last few years?)

As I said above, its been a little quieter on the race side of things. Over at the Worcester City Run, Bike, Run Paul Branch and Graham Purcell were racing. This was an event which saw competitors run 10k, cycle 25km and then finish with another 5k. Paul was the first one home in 1:57:08, and Graham crossed the line in a solid 2:28:57. Well done both!

Finally onto Corinne Moss. Do3 Coached athlete Corinne, jetted to virtually the other side of the world to compete for Great Britain in the Triathlon World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico. In the days and weeks building up to the race both Corinne and I had been keeping a close eye on the temperature – its was always going to be hot, it was just HOW hot! Most of you will do doubt by now have seen the footage of Jonathan Brownlee struggling with heat exhaustion before being promptly carried over the line by his brother Alistair. Corinne was racing the same course, on the same day, so the conditions were literally (for some) debilitating.   It is easy to underestimate just how much difference heat and humidity can make to performances. Just finishing a race in those conditions is something to be proud of and Corinne certainly did that!  Corinne didn't 'just' finish, she put together a really solid race to cross the line in 2:27:44 and well up the field in 24th place.

Great work in those conditions and against literally a world-class field Corinne!

No spot prizes up for grabs this week (we need some so get in touch if you are a business who wants to flag-wave your brand!) so its just for fun – Corinne Moss, you are our Do3 Squad Member of the week! Well done out there in Mexico, proud of you. 

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