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Big hours, huge runs and mammoth efforts from the Do3 Strava group this week!

Ian Dickens from the Do3 Swim Squad took the overall training time title again this week with a total of 14hrs 27mins. Continuing from last weeks big total, Ian is looking in good form for attacking Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire this coming weekend. Ian also put in some big bike miles with nearly 9hrs in the saddle. Great work all-round Ian.

Guess who took the swim title?! Yep, you guessed it, for the forth consecutive week, Sarah Jane McDonnell from the Do3 Swim Squad again took top notch in the swim time table with a total of 4hrs 54mins (up a whole 8 minutes from last week Sarah Jane :) ). Sarah Jane continues to put the time in as she prepares for her English Channel relay swim.

Finally, Swim Squad member Rebecca Brown topped the running table with a HUUUUGE 8 1/2 hrs of running!  This includes a single 29mile (!) run in the Calderdale Ultra. Running this distance is hard enough without filling it full of hills too! Check out the route and profile below! Great effort Beccy – amazeballs as my daughter would say :)

As always, lots of work put in by the squad this week. Great to report that the Strava group is now up to 21 members. Simon Taylor and Paul Nash have both overcome their technophobia and joined the modern world. 

Ok, Spot prizes – It was a difficult choice this week as so many have worked so hard. BUT, I'm going to give the prize this week to someone not even mentioned above – Mel Tandy. Mel has recently made the leap from the uncoached lanes across into the squad proper. Not only that, but she has done amazingly well in the sessions since she started and real progress has been made (honestly Mel!). However, it is not for this reason I am giving Mel the spot prize, it is due to her mammoth effort on Sunday when she completed the Avenger Middle Distance Triathlon over at Ragley Hall.  The race comprised of a 1900m swim, 56mile bike and 13.1mile run in and around the Ragley Hall Estate. Mel toughed out the off-road half marathon in the heat to cross the line in 6hrs 58mins.  

Mels spot prize is an 'bike emergency kit' containing inner tube, puncture patches, tyre levers and some 'Purple Harry's' chain lube. Thanks again to VeloFix for donating this prize. VeloFix are a bike shop and servicing centre based in Stratford upon Avon. Their motto being "We fix bikes, we sell bikes, simple!" so they pretty much do what it says on the tin!    To find out more about VeloFix, click the logo below.

Interested in finding out more about the Do3 Swim Squads at Stratford upon Avon Leisure Centre or wish to sign up?  Click Here

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