Do3 is proud to announce that on Sunday 31st July 2022 we will be holding our second 'On The Edge' triathlon. Those who raced the inaugural middle distance event last year will know that this is no regular triathlon, this is something special. Whilst 2022 sees the race move location over the road to Park Farm, it is still part of the beautiful Compton Verney hamlet. The swim takes place in the Capability Brown designed lake, with transition overlooking the natural bowl surrounded by trees. Once the swim is done it is out onto the 'On The Edge' bike course. The bike course is where this event gets its name as it features climbs and descents along the well-known Edge Hill escarpment. Once the bike course is completed competitors return to Park Farm to start the run around the area before finishing with a spectacular backdrop of the lake and trees. A truly special race and one that offers it all.

For 2021 results, please click here.

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The Course

1900m swim in the beautiful Capability Brown designed lake. With a trickle start, competitors will enter the water in pairs and complete 3 laps of the course (number of laps to be confirmed). 


A course with something for everyone. Flat sections for the time triallers and some cheeky climbs for the mountain goats! The ride will take you through the picturesque Warwickshire countryside and include some climbs and descents on the Edge Hill escarpment, including infamous Edge Hill itself before returning to Park Farm.

  • Distance - 56 miles

  • Total elevation - 2913ft

  • Road types and conditions - Mostly minor roads. Road surfaces are good. Any potholes etc will be marked.

  • Bike choices - Suitable for time trial/triathlon and road bikes.


The race will finish with a half marathon on the local roads, tracks and trails in and around Park Farm and the Compton Verney hamlet. This multi-terrain course has it all - just the right amount of flats and hills to challenge you but also to make the most of the beautiful local scenery. The undulating course will eventually bring you to the finish line by the lake. 

  • Distance - 13.1 miles

  • Total elevation - 782ft

  • Road types and conditions - Grass, tarmac and packed trails. If it has been dry then regular running trainers will be fine. If it has been very wet for a prolonged period it could be muddy in parts.

The Routes

2022 middle distance bike route:


2022 middle distance run route - please note that there is no public access to some of the run route except for race participants on race day: 


The Venue

Park Farm, Compton Verney, Warwickshire CV35 9HJ.

Finding the Venue

The hamlet of Compton Verney is very well located in the heart of rural Warwickshire. The main road routes to the venue would be along the 'Fosse Way' B4455 or the B4086 from the direction of Stratford-upon-Avon or from Junction 12 of the M40 via Kineton.

The entrance to the event's car park is off the Fosse Way B4455 towards Combrook. Look for the signs directing you into the car park. 

Online Booking

The recommended way to enter the On the Edge Triathlon is by downloading the Do3 App. It will only take a few minutes to download the app and create an account. Once you have your account you simply navigate to the events tab and select the race option you wish to enter. The options are:

  • On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon - Individual Entry (BTF Member) - £170

  • On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon - Individual Entry (Non-BTF Member) - £176

  • On The Edge Middle Distance Triathlon - Relay Entry - £190

We also offering the chance for you to spread the cost of entry over two equal payments. Simply select the option when you enter. Your place will be held until the final payment is made so please make sure you have adequate funds otherwise we will have to offer the place to a wait lister (we will contact you before this happens of course). 

To download the app either click the image below or click here.

If you don't wish to use the Do3 App or don't have a smart phone please enter by selecting the appropriate option below. 















Need help training for Do3 On The Edge?

If you are looking for help to get you in shape and trained ready to take on this great race then help is at hand! We have put together Do3 CommitEDGE a training plan that will have you in tip-top shape come race day. There are three levels of plan based on your time availability. They are easy to follow and come with ongoing coaching support as well as peer support through the Do3 Commit Facebook group. Do3 Commit is a tried and tested middle distance training plan that has helped hundreds of athletes to achieve fantastic results across the years. Hop on over to the Do3 Commit page to take a look and get signed up!

Frequently Asked Questions

On The Edge 2022 FAQs


Everyone has questions!  We hope we’ve covered your query here but if we haven’t, please email and we’ll get back to you.

Where is the start and finish of the race?

The race starts and finishes at Park Farm, Compton Verney in Warwickshire.  The postcode is CV35 9HJ.  The postcode for the venue's car park will be confirmed nearer to the time of the event.


Is the course flat or hilly?

A mixture!  The event gets its name from climbs and descents along the well-known Edge Hill escarpment.  A map of the route will be featured at:

Is there signage on the route?

Yes, there will be more signage and it will also be larger.


The event is sold out, can I go on to a wait list?

Yep, absolutely! Once the event is full you should see an option to enter onto a wait list. Payment is taken when you go on the list but it's refunded if you don't get a spot.


Can I cancel my place?

We may be able to organise a partial refund for the middle distance event and the amount will depend on how close to the event date you wish to withdraw.  Please email  Alternatively, could you change your entry to a relay?  Again, please email us at  Unfortunately, there are no refunds offered on the Compton Verney Sprint Triathlon.


Is my entry transferable to a friend?

Unfortunately transfer to another athlete isn’t permitted.  If changing to a relay team isn’t an option for you, please get in touch and we can look at a partial refund.  The amount will vary depending on when you get in touch with us.


Can I change my individual entry to a relay entry? 

Certainly!  As long as it’s 28 days before the event. There will be an admin fee of £10 plus the price difference between the individual event and the relay event, which is £20.  Please email


Can I change my relay entry to an individual entry?

Yes you can, providing you email us at least 28 days before the event.  However no refunds will be payable on the entry fee and an admin fee of £10 will be charged.


Can I change the members in my relay team? 

Yes, you can. Changes can be made up to 14 days before the event.  Please email with the old team members’ names as well as the new team members’ names and we’ll organise this for you.


Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

We follow the temperature guidance set by British Triathlon.  It is expected that, as with most races, the majority of participants will choose to wear a wetsuit if water temperature allows.


Can I camp on the event site? 

Unfortunately neither camping nor space for campervans will be offered at this year's event.

How will I receive my race pack and when will it arrive? 

Your race information will be sent to you via email. The race pack containing your number, chip, swim cap etc will be picked up at registration.

Can I request a wave start so I race with my friends?

Please email your request through to and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  Racers will enter the water according to their swim speed, which you will be asked for closer to the time, with faster swimmers going first.


When can I register? 

Ideally you need to register on Saturday 30 July.  The registration desk will be open from 7pm until 9pm and for a very limited time on Sunday morning.  If you purchased the entry without British Triathlon day membership, you must bring your BTF card.  If you’re participating as part of a relay team only one member of the team needs to register but s/he must bring BTF cards for each team member, where applicable. 


Will regular trainers be ok for the run course? 

Some of the run course will be run on public footpaths and trails.  Whilst you may like off road shoes for this section, most entrants will be wearing regular running or racing trainers. 


Can I train on the run course before the race? 

Park Farm is privately owned land.  Access to the grounds is only available for registration during the evening of Saturday 30 July and for the event itself on Sunday 31st July.  


Are there changing and transition tents? 

Unfortunately not.  You should keep all of your equipment at your racking point.  This area is for race equipment only – you should only bring one small bag to keep at the racking point.  There will be no bag drop/area.


Are there cut-off times for each section?

Yes.   The following cut off times will be observed:


  • Swim 1 hours 10 minutes, with 10 minutes to get out of transition on to your bike

  • Bike 5 hours 20 minutes after your wave start

  • Run 9 hours 00 minutes after your wave start


If we notice that during the run you are not going to finish in time then you will be asked to stop.  Try to ensure you are ahead of the cut off times as you can’t rely on catching up later in the race.  If you are behind you may be asked to return to the venue.


Can I use headphones?

No, in line with British Triathlon rules headphones and bone conducting head sets are not permitted.

Are there food and hydration stations on the run and bike courses? 

Yes, there will be aid stations on both the bike and run courses, you carry all of your nutrition and hydration.  


There will also be a catering stand(s) offering food and drink after the event.


Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs on a lead will be welcomed. 

Can I see a copy of the terms and conditions?

Of course, please click here to view them:


I have a question that isn’t listed here?

That’s fine – we haven’t been able to cover everything but if you email us at we will get back to you and possibly update the FAQs too.