Coached Athlete: Jemima Cooper

From rocking my sparkly tutu dancing around my sitting room, to making plans to head to New York as a professional, my dream of becoming a ballerina was the fuel that fired 16 intensive years of classical ballet training.  But, on turning professional aged 19 contemplating a life of 50 hours a week in front of a studio mirror, I realised that it was time for a new adventure. 

I was born a full of energy and super competitive little athlete.  I just love sports of any kind!  Yet, how I ended up in triathlon I’ll never know: I didn’t own a bike, I was terrified of water and I couldn’t swim.  Then again, I never say never!  2017 saw me take on my first triathlon and it was a total a disaster!  I actually walked the swim, thought I had a puncture I was going so slowly on the bike, and simply hung on for dear life on the run!  But give me another 6 weeks and I had won my first event outright.  That is when my love for the challenge and hunger for the win really took over. 

Triathlon is a new adventure and a new challenge for me.  With three sports to keep me occupied, there is never a dull moment as a triathlete and I love the learning that I do each and every day.  What I love even more is the most incredible people that triathlon has led me to.  From my incredible squad mates that make my whole world smiley, to my coaches Dave and Corinne.  During my time in tri, I have been a part of lots of different coaching set ups and tri clubs, but none of them have been a patch on Do3.  I am pushed hard and I am amazed by the constant gains that I have been helped to produce- this is all testimony to the unique and quite frankly magic Do3 formula.  Dave and Corinne put me as a person before the power numbers or threshold paces and ensure that I am always a happy, healthy and thriving athlete.  That makes all the difference.  I have 100% confidence in my team and I know that they will help me reach the big goals that I have in the sport.  


Various locations depending on the training but mostly around Warwickshire and West Midlands UK


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