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Coached Athlete: Georgina Lord

I was 19 when I was introduced to disabled sports only shortly after contracting an illness which left me as a wheelchair user. I have tried and competed in various sports since then including wheelchair basketball, rugby, squash, sled hockey, and wheelchair racing despite never being into sports before my disability. It was in 2018 when I found paratriathlon. I attended a Tri4Tokyo event hosted by British Triathlon and was immediately hooked. I had always thought of triathlon as a very tough sport and was unaware that it had been adapted for wheelchair users and those with other disabilities. One of the things that captivated me about paratriathlon was that I could compete in a sport that takes so much strength and endurance just like any other non-disabled athlete.

Paratriathlon requires a lot of equipment for wheelchair users. For the cycle I compete on a recumbent handcycle and or the run part I compete in a racing wheelchair. After the Tri4Tokyo event I was lent a handcycle by British Triathlon which allowed me to start training before I was able to get a handcycle of my own. A grant from a midlands based charity, DTD, allowed me to be able to purchase a handcycle of my own.

In September 2018 I moved from my hometown of Manchester to Coventry to begin a Master’s degree at the University of Warwick and so began to search for a local triathlon club and coach. I saw someone swimming in a local pool with a Do3 Squad hat on and enquired about them. I began training with Dave and Corinne at Do3 squad and immediately began to improve. My times have dropped significantly in all three disciplines and am constantly improving. The support from Dave and Corinne and all the members of the squad has been invaluable. The whole squad and coaches have made my first season of triathlon unbelievably enjoyable with constant encouragement, friendship and support. I love the inclusiveness of the squad, any training or sessions are adapted for me if necessary and I am not looked at differently because I compete in triathlon with my arms and not my legs. Training with Do3 pushes me hard and I get endless individualized support from Dave and Corinne.

In the 2019 season so far I have won silver in the British Para-Duathlon Championships, bronze in the British Paratriathlon Championships, and 1stplace in Llanelli paratriathlon. My aim is to compete for Great Britain in Paratriathlon and I am very excited for my future with Do3.