Squad athletes: Sally Abell and Katriona Collins

As two of the older women in the squad - they are 58 and 59 - Sally and Katriona have always been active, cycling regularly, running occasionally, walking miles and playing other sports (golf and tennis).

When a friend challenged Sally to do a triathlon three years ago, it was the swimming that put her off. So she signed up with Do3’s swim squad and has improved from a spluttering half length of front crawl to being able to swim 50+ lengths in the hour-long sessions.

Katriona joined a year later and has improved her swim speed significantly and her overall fitness so that she recorded a personal best (1hr 25mins and 45 sec) in the Stratford Triathlon last year.

Both have attended the Saturday morning run squad and, with the sessions tailored to individual ability and ambition, both have gained the confidence to push themselves that bit further. This has resulted in Sally winning her age group category with a PB at the Wright Hassall 10k Regency Run in 2018.

Both would say that being part of the Do3 squad is rewarding and enjoyable and proves that you can continue to push yourself and increase your fitness levels at any age. Here’s to the next decade.