Vo2 Max Testing 

What is a Vo2 Max Test?

Our test is conducted using a specialist piece of equipment that measures the amount of oxygen your body utilises whilst exercising. By putting a face mask on, we can directly measure the volume and gas concentrations of your inspired and expired air. Depending on the sport you specialise in we can perform the test on a treadmill, your bike (on a turbo trainer) or concept 2 rower.  The test involves exercising at an intensity that increases every few minutes until you can't go any further (sub-maximal) or until we deem you have reached your maximal level. We also obtain the individual’s maximal heart rate from this test, which, along with resting heart rate, can be used to develop a more precise target heart rate range.

The Vo2 max test will identify:

  • Accurate training zone

  • Aerobic threshold

  • Anaerobic threshold

  • Maximum (peak) heart rate

  • Energy expenditure during exercise

The test data can be used to identify your optimal training and race intensities specific to your physiology. After the test and analysis, you will receive a full report on how to use the data within your training.​

More in depth look for those who like detail......

How many tests do I need?

One single test will provide you with a lot of good information about your physiology at the time the test was done. Its a single snapshot of you right now. We can advise you on how to use this information and then its down to you go and work to make the training adjustment we suggest. What is even more powerful is the ability to track changes over time. This way you know the training you are doing is working and you are on a trajectory toward better performances. 

As well as single tests, we offer Vo2 testing packages in quantities of 4 or 8. Each time you visit for a test and we have analysed the results, we will recommend a time period before you return for a further test. This means we keep a close eye on you and try to ensure positive progress. The more tests you book in one block the more cost effective they are. 

Where is the testing done?

Do3 Perform, Athlete Testing, Analysis and Consultation Suite, Kineton, Warwickshire, CV35 0LA

How much does it cost and how do I book?

  • A single Vo2 test costs £100. It takes around one hour and includes pre-test consultation, height and weight measurement (for more accurate results), the test itself and then post test consultation and planning. 

  • A mentioned above, we do recommend booking a block of either 4 or 8 tests. These can be taken at periods recommended by us depending on your results and what needs to be worked on. A block of 4 tests costs £360* (10% discount) and a block of 8 costs £640* (20% discount).

*We realise this is a large financial commitment so the payment can be spread with 50% up front and then the rest over the following 3 months. 

Once you have booked you will be contacted by one of the Do3 team to make sure you are aware of the routine you need to follow on the days preceding the test (to allow for the most accurate results). You will also need to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire. 



Various locations depending on the training but mostly around Warwickshire and West Midlands UK


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