Coached Athlete: Andrew White

My relationship with sport had always been a tick box mentality until I joined Do3. This way of thinking had led to me to doing many bucket list sporting challenges; swimming Alcatraz, swimming from Asia to Europe and Europe to Asia, running the full moon marathon in Norway under the northern lights and most recently completing Marathon Des Sables. 

It was Marathon des Sables that was the catalyst for me becoming involved with Do3. You are advised by previous participants to have a goal for when you’ve completed MDs. So two weeks before I set off for the desert, coach got a call asking if he could get me trained up for an Ironman four months later. 

Dave took me on and put me through my paces for those twelve weeks; encouraging me to become more bike confident, teaching me how to swim and how to increase the pace when running. I have leaned and understood that it’s quality not quantity that counts, I’ve taken on the value of regeneration and I’ve changed from wanting to tick boxes to wanting to compete; to better myself and one day to become an age group athlete. 

My focus is now solely of middle distance; my plan is helping me to gain confidence on the bike, run smarter, swim faster be admin savvy and ultimately gives me the best opportunity to get better each race. 

Along the way I’ve met some of the most genuine and focussed people who are all equally proud to be part of the squad

There are no egos, just a lot of sharing of best practices, encouragement and a collective focus to do Do3, Dave and every member of the squad proud