Coached Athlete: Marc Bozdogan

Just a normal guy ….

If you had said to me 2 – 3 years ago, and a 2 stone heavier golfer … what I would be doing in a few years’ time, I would not have thought it would being a coached athlete training hard for my first up and coming Ironman.

It’s interesting, we have been going to Club La Santa for 10 years as my wife has been going there since she was born, and you watch the athletes, training and racing hard, thinking how on earth, or even why do they do that? 

Don’t get me wrong I have generally been active and played very competitive field hockey for many years, but athletics… no chance.

The spark came when I got a place in London Marathon and my journey began, I am focused, I got training and ran a respectable 4 hrs, I then thought about doing a Triathlon, so we started with a couple, of Tri a Tri’s, to test the water, and overall I started to really enjoy the events, the people, and the new change of lifestyle.

DO3 triathlon squad provide a very good back bone to your training, a great team environment in a often isolated sport, and now I feel I have great bunch of squad mates.

The swim squads are very well ran, in a fun but competitive approach, about 1 ½  years ago I could not even front crawl, but now with 1-2-1 lessons, and many early morning coached swim sessions I have come a long way,  with the winter training and strength intervals my running has seen a significant increase in pace and endurance, and my FTP has seen a 20 % uplift on the bike.

Originally things were about a new challenge, ticking things off, and having a go, but now I am fit, in good shape, and feeling great (if not often tired!) and now am starting to see me in a different light, a different perspective, my times are getting much better as we approach race season, so much so that I can call myself an athlete and be very proud of my early achievements, but there is still a long way to go.

I do want to see what I can achieve and how much I can push myself and see if  I can become a competitive age grouper and this is largely down and with thanks to the team at DO3