Squad Athlete: Lisa Parry

I was a competitive swimmer as a teenager, but had rarely swum as an adult and had taken up running (slowly!) in my mid-20s. I always ran alone and entered my first sprint triathlon in 2014 for fun and without knowing any of the other competitors. In early 2016 I heard about a swim squad starting in Stratford and was pushed into joining to accompany a friend – I initially didn’t want to join as I thought it might be full of intimidating, experienced triathletes, who would look down their noses at me! How wrong I was.

I’ve been a regular member of the squad since February 2016 and haven’t looked back since. Rather than just plodding along alone, it’s great to be pushed by the coaches and my fellow squad mates. Everyone is friendly and encouraging no matter what your goals are. Since joining the squad, I’ve become faster in all 3 disciplines year on year. It’s great being able to race knowing that you’re going to see some friendly faces out there whether they’re passing you on the route or supporting from the sidelines. Before joining the squad I would never have dreamed of being on the podium, but that’s where I found myself in Southam in 2017 as part of a first place relay team with two of my squad mates……………..granted my part was just the swim, but every little helps!