Are you looking for a triathlon training programme that is detailed, structured, has a proven track record of success and is low cost?  Well, that's what Do3 Commit is all about. We offer a number of Commit options depending on what you are looking to achieve. Either way, they all come with a peer support network, ongoing support videos and cost no more than £5 per week!

There are five Do3 Commit Options:

Do3 CommitLONG 

Do3 CommitSQUAD 

A regular and ongoing ‘squad’ training plan that is ideal for those who are looking to get a bit more organisation and structure into the way they train without the cost of being coached 1-2-1. As a squad programme you will be part of a larger community of athletes following the same plan. Even though this is called ‘squad’ it is open to anyone, local or otherwise.


This is a 20 week programme that will get you ready to race standard distance triathlons. 

Do3 CommitMIDDLE 

This is a 28 week programme that will get you ready to race middle distance triathlons.

Do3 CommitSWIM 

As the name suggests this is a swim only plan. Athletes subscribing to CommitSWIM will be able to follow the same weekly session schedule that the coaches present at the actual Do3 swim squad sessions.  

This is a 36 week programme that will get you ready to race long distance triathlons.


How will it work?

Training will be loaded on to Training Peaks in blocks of around 4 weeks at a time. This is to allow us the flexibility to adjust the programme ‘live’.  We will not be simply loading up the whole season plan and expecting you to just get on with it!


At Do3 we train using a ‘reverse periodisation’ methodology which means we do NOT spend the whole winter doing a load of low intensity volume work. We believe this is the wrong approach and that speed and power work should be introduced right from the very start.  As the plan progresses the speed and power work is underpinned with growing volumes of aerobic work so that you arrive at your race with good aerobic fitness AND the speed to go with it. 


Athletes who train this way can usually be competitive at the varying distances and are not ‘one trick ponies'.  


Training Software

Once you have your Training Peaks account set up and connected to the Do3 coaching account we will apply the first weeks of the Do3 Commit Programme. Your Training Peaks account will look something like this…….

In this calendar view you can see a summary of the week's workouts.  Workouts are colour coded with grey meaning the session is not yet due, green meaning it was fully completed, red meaning it was missed (or was too long or short!) and yellow/orange meaning it was completed but a little longer or shorter than planned. 

Click on each individual workout and you will see the detail of the session.  The instructions should be clear and easy to follow.  Some sessions will advise you to train at specific effort levels or within specific heart rate/power zones (if you have a heart rate monitor or power meter).  These zones will be automatically setup and calculated within TP so there should be no doubt about what you need to do. 


New for this season: We have now added programmed training sessions within Training Peaks. This means that Training Peaks will communicate with equipment and software such as Garmin and Zwift and transfer the workout so they can take you through it - no need to write things down or try to remember it!

Training even imports into Zwift!


Coach Assistance

The idea of Do3 Commit is provide athletes with the ‘next best thing’ to specific 1-2-1 coaching (and at a fraction of the cost!).  


Do3 Commit Facebook group: The group is where you can get help and advice from other athletes and coaches.  This is also where you can arrange meet ups (either physical or virtual) for joint training sessions with others on the programme.

No contracts - stop at any time

Fixed cost of £5 per week* 
*or £2.50 for CommitSWIM. Payments are automatically taken every 4 weeks.

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Still unsure?


If you are still unsure how this will all work and whether it is suitable for you, we suggest you simply give one month a go.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason then simply let us know and you can cancel at any time!


All new plans can take some getting used to but, within a month, you should know whether this is going to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CommitSQUAD entail - how many training days a week and what is the time commitment?

On the CommitSQUAD programme there will be typically three runs and three rides of varying duration and style, plus one rest day as well as sessions in the pool.

How many hours do I need to be able to train for?

The CommitSQUAD plan allows for 6 to 9 hours per week.

Swimming in a public session can be challenging, is it achievable to do the swim sessions in a public pool?

Yes, you would need to do the best you can, or alternatively swim at one of our squads.

Are there any weight programmes included?

No, we only use strength and conditioning if there is an identifiable need for an individual (and it wouldn't be identified via the Commit programmes).

How can I see how much I've progressed?

You will be able to track your metrics on Training Peaks.

Is your question not answered here?

Email and we'll get back to you.

Do3 Commit Workshop Video Presentation

Commit Benefits

  • Focussed, structured training rather than ‘make it up as you go along'

  • Training plan delivered by Training Peaks app

  • Train with other Do3 Commit athletes - shared experiences 

  • Train using the Do3 training approach - it works!

  • Do3 Commit peer support network

  • Theory workshops and videos - know how and why

  • Access to Do3 deals and discounts

Do3 Commit will be delivered via the Training Peaks (TP) platform. You will need to create a free TP account and connect it to the Do3 coach's account. We will then load up the programme from there. This will also allow us to see your data so we can review it during coach drop-ins etc.

Training Peaks is a great platform from where you can review all of your workouts past and future.  It has a smart phone version so you can check and review your training from anywhere.  Workouts can be automatically uploaded from most training devices (Garmins etc) so there is little/no extra work needed on your part.  It can, of course, also be manually input for those without the appropriate tech. 

All triathlon training programmes contain weekly swim, bike and run sessions.  The swim sessions will follow the Do3 swim squad programme so you will be completing the same swim sessions as our local swim squads.


Training hours will build as time progresses.  They start at around 6-9 hours per week and build to 10-16 hours per week depending on which distance you are aiming for.  Some athletes may choose to reduce or increase these hours due to personal circumstances and we can advise on the best way to do this so that you still get the most out of the plans.