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Altitude Training

Training at altitude has been used by elite athletes as a way of boosting their fitness for many years. Now, thanks to our altitude simulator, we can offer the benefits of training at altitude to many more people, and at a fraction of the cost. How does it work? Normal oxygen levels at sea level are around 20.9%. As you climb to higher altitudes, the amount of oxygen in the air drops meaning your body takes in less oxygen with each breath of air. For example, at 5000ft oxygen levels drop to 17.3%, at 10000ft they drop to 14.3% and at 19000ft (Kilimanjaro) it drops to 10%. So at the top of Kilimanjaro you are taking in half as much oxygen per breath as you were at sea level!

When your body is exposed to a reduced oxygen intake, it promotes the production of erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone regulates the levels of oxygen carrying red blood cells in the body. The more oxygen carrying blood cells you have to deliver oxygen to the working muscles, the better those muscles will be able to perform.  

Fortunately our altitude simulators mean that you can bring the mountain (and altitude) to you! They work by reducing the amount of oxygen in each breath in exactly the same way as you get at 'real' altitude. The simulators are adjustable so oxygen levels (or altitude) can be changed as you progress. 

Altitude training using an altitude simulator can be done in a number of different ways. You can either exercise at high altitude by using a mask or sleep at high altitude by using a sleep tent. Both methods have proven results and should be considered depending on your training needs, budget and understanding of any sleeping partner! 

Altitude generators can be hired for prolonged periods of time or used at Do3 Perform in 30-60 minutes blocks on our running machine, bikes or rowing machine. 

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Where can I use the altitude generator?

You can either hire a system for 1 to 12 months (see below) or visit Do3 Perform for an altitude training session.

How much does it cost and how do I book?

Booking to use the altitude generator at Do3 Perform is easy. You just book in by clicking the button below or via the Do3 App. Sessions cost £50 per 30 minutes. This includes use of the training equipment (treadmill, Concept2 rower, Wahoo Kickr bike trainer). 

Longer Term Hire

If you are looking to use the altitude generator for a prolonged period of time, you may wish to consider hiring a unit to use in your own home. You can hire for 1 to 12 months and the longer you hire for, the cheaper it becomes. The simulator comes with everything you need to train using it at home (mask, filters etc). Another alternative is you hire our sleep tent system so you can sleep at altitude and train as normal.

  • 1-3 month hire - £350 per month

  • 4-6 month hire - £300 per month

  • 6-12 month hire - £250 per month

  • Altitude tent - £50 per month. 

Payments and deposits

Due to the value of goods we will need proof of ID. We will also need £500 deposit and one month's hire in advance. Other payments can be made monthly as you go. Finally, if you are not close enough to collect/return the generator we will need to charge £50 each way for a courier.

If you wish to book one of our altitude simulators then please click the button below and send us a message. We will call you back to get you booked in. 

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