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VASA Swim Training and Technique Development

As coaches we spend hundreds of hours a year poolside giving feedback on swimmers' strokes based on what we can see from above the water. What is difficult to see from that position is how well the underwater catch and push-back are working to generate the all-important propulsion. 

For this reason we decided to invest in a VASA swim ergometer. This great piece of equipment allows us to really help the swimmer to feel what a good catch position feels like. Not only that but we can get them to repeat it again and again to start to engrain the muscle patterns that they will be able to take back to the water. We can also measure and control the power of the stroke to make sure it is not only technically correct but also has strong propulsive power. 

We offer 30 minute sessions on the VASA trainer. These can either be used for technical work or for pure training - whichever you prefer. Either way, our coaches will be with you to make sure you make the most of your time. 

How much does it cost and how do I book?

A 30 minute session on the VASA ergometer costs £50. This will include around 20 minutes on the ergometer itself and a further 10 minutes of pre and post swim preparation and feedback. Click the link below to book.